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How To Style A Boho Braid With A Hair Vine

Wondering how to style your hair on your big day? An embellished hair vine is the perfect accessory. The hair vine is one of the hottest bridal accessory trends this season and can be styled in multiple ways; from weaving into a bohemian braid to styling elegantly as a headband with flowing romantic curls. Style yourself to perfection with our bohemian braid hair tutorial, accessorised with a statement pearl and crystal hair vine.

Follow this step by step guide and watch the video for your unique bridal look.


Brush and separate the top section of your hair from the crown and backcomb for volume.


Separate this section of hair into three strands and plait all the way to the bottom, securing with a bobble.


Using straighteners, curl two strands of hair from the front of your head to frame your face. Separate a section of hair from the top of your head and twist. Push your hair upwards holding from the bottom of the twisted section of hair to create a loose twist effect, then tuck the loose twist into the top of the plait.


Repeat this step by section, working downwards using the plait as an anchor.


Plait the remaining hair and secure a bobble at the bottom, adjusting to create an undone finish. Set with hairspray.


Style your statement pearl and crystal hair vine in a curved structure from top to bottom, securing with pins.


Wrap the vine around the bobble to complete the look.

TIP: Use hairspray to secure your hairstyle before accessorising your look – this will avoid tarnishing of your hair accessory.

Master your bridal look and watch the full video tutorial here.

Production: Jon Richard Ltd

Hair & Makeup: Lou @ Represented.me

Model: Calla Francesca


For the ultimate bohemian finish, style multiple vines together and complete your bridal style with pearl embellished earrings.

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