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Ultimate Wedding Checklist

Wedding plans changed?

Make sure you are organised and on top of it all with our ultimate wedding checklist.

With the unprecedented circumstances weddings (and other major events) are being rescheduled globally. A change of date may also bring with it a new set of challenges such as a change of venue, smaller guest list up to 30 people etc.

Your original plans for a wedding may now have to be scaled down. Or the change in date may give you that extra time to save more money and possibly scale things up.

Planning is key and staying organised with a checklist can help. Breaking down your wedding into a list can make everything a little bit more manageable. Our wedding checklist starts at 18 months and right up to the big day itself. Of course, this checklist can be condensed down or even made larger depending on your wedding plan.

You may even find that you are super organised and can start ticking off a lot of the things already.

Download your printable version now.