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COVID-19 & Your 2020 Wedding

As of 20th March 2020, the UK’s fight against COVID-19 is now reliant on responsible social distancing guidance from the government. 

Brides and grooms around the world are worried for those everywhere, trying to understand that their wedding in the age of the Corona Virus pandemic is not all that big in the grand scheme of things. Considering they have spent the past months or years committing their time, money and energy to an occasion that was supposed to be the happiest day of their lives, it still is disheartening when it may not happen. 

It is appropriate for those brides getting married in the next few months to consider postponing. Advice for many is DON’T CANCEL, but postpone. It seems like a trivial difference in words, but the difference is huge. The term “cancel” is often a trigger word within many contracts. This may be a good time to review your contracts and fine print. Financially, it doesn’t make sense for couples to cancel as this means you may lose your deposit. Cancellations may leave you out of pocket and often you can apply your funds to a new date. 

Make sure you have an experienced team; having a planner who is well connected is going to be very helpful. Check your venue insurance regarding postponing and cancellations. If you already have wedding insurance you may be covered for cancellation if you or your close family are ill or if the venue is closed down by the local authority. Again, we recommend reading the contract and paying extra attention to the small print. 

It’s not just the couple…

It’s not just the couples that are feeling upended. All event planners are dealing with constant breaking news including vendors temporarily shutting or government bans on parties. Work with your vendors and discuss postponement options. If you have ordered your dress it may be worth asking your boutique whether you can expect any delays due to the current situation. After all, you are still getting married and the only thing that needs to change is the date.  

Even those with weddings further into 2020 feel stuck in limbo. Many have already moved their wedding to 2021, though delaying events for a year could be disastrous for planners, venues and vendors alike; if everyone shifts all weddings from this year to next, next year’s calendar will be full of this year’s business; a year’s worth of revenue lost. 

Wedding later on in the year…

We know all weddings up to the middle of April 2020 will be cancelled or postponed, but those with weddings over the later months will also be worried about their big day. 

For weddings that are planned for later in 2020, many venues have announced they have taken additional measures to stop the spread of the virus to keep everyone safe. These include increased presence of hand sanitisers and more thorough cleaning. If you’re worried at all, don’t be afraid to ask the venue how they intend to keep up with the latest safety measures. 

You may want to encourage anyone who is considered to be at a higher risk or more vulnerable to avoid attending. Ask your videographer if they can set up a live video link. 

Minimise physical contact. Of course, at weddings it is always nice to have hugs, kisses and handshakes, but once again it may be worth adopting a policy that reduces risk.

Try and stay positive…

Just remember to take a step back. Spend some time with your new fiancé and try to remember why you are doing this in the first place. All of the late nights, hour long phone calls and spreadsheets will soon pay off. 

Be patient. Stay home. Stay safe. Stay healthy.