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How To Style A Hair Up Twist With A Botanical Double Comb

Bridal season is here! Get your wedding guests swooning with our simple yet stunning half up half down hair tutorial, styled with a botanical fresh water pearl and crystal double comb. With volume, texture and an understated chic finish, this effortless hairstyle is the epitome of bridal glamour, ideal for short, medium and long hair.

Follow this step by step guide for your new go-to special occasion hairstyle, complete with stunning accessories to perfect your unique bridal look.


Brush and separate the top section of your hair, working from ear to ear into two or three parts (depending on the thickness of your hair) clipping it out of the way.


Spritz hair all over with hairspray to set your locks. Using straighteners, section one-inch-wide pieces of hair, place your straighteners near the root and turn the styler away from your head. Pointing the straighteners downwards, glide to the ends of your hair to create a defined curl.


Repeat this technique from the right to the left side of your head.


Repeat for all sections of hair, including the top section clipped away in Step 1.

Step 5:

Run your fingers through your hair to break up the texture of your curls. If you want to add extra volume to your look, add dry shampoo to your roots and tilt your head forwards, giving your locks a shake.


Separate your fringe or front layers of hair to frame your face. Tame these front two pieces of hair so that the curls fall elegantly around your features, then take a one-inch-wide section of hair from the left side of your parting and twist around twice, using a pin to secure at the back of the head.


Repeat the same twist effect from the right side of your parting, styling the hair to the left sitting above the previous twist. Secure with a pin at the back of the head and set the style with hairspray.


Place your botanical fresh water pearl and crystal double comb to sit elegantly above the hair twists, sliding the combs downwards to secure.
TIP: Use hairspray to secure your hairstyle before accessorising your look – this will avoid tarnishing of your hair accessory.

Master your bridal look and watch the full video tutorial here.

Production: Jon Richard Ltd

Hair & Makeup: Lou @ Represented.me

Model: Calla Francesca


Complete your bridal style with feminine and wildly romantic botanical inspired jewellery. These pieces will complement your bridal look perfectly.

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