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The 6 Biggest Wedding Jewellery Trends

Wedding themes and trends phase in and out of popularity every year – it’s a cycle that will repeat through the end of time, but you don’t need to predict the future to know what’s popular with brides. Anyone looking for inspiration can flip through our 6 favourite bridal trends below and use them to craft their own wedding look.

Read about the six biggest wedding jewellery trends of the season to see what brides are loving and why…

City Chic

You no longer have to feel like you need to stick with traditional wedding gowns and jewellery. Brides today are opting for silk jumpers, satin blazers and two-piece ensembles. City chic jewellery is making a big appearance in the bridal world; pair your favourite contemporary pieces with your wedding outfit for a modern look that’s also friendly for brides on a budget.

Layering and Stacking

Stacking and layering jewellery is one of the biggest trends for brides to be. The multi-bracelet and necklace approach to bridal jewellery has taken off, personalising your wedding look down to the last detail. If you have your bridal necklaces and bracelets sorted, check out the stackable wedding ring trend which women are falling in love with as a way to bring symmetry to their jewellery look.

Heart Beaded Personalised Pendant

Playful Pastels

Pastel colours can make a statement without pulling away from the beauty of your dress, hair and makeup. Have some fun shopping around for pastel jewellery that completes your bridal look and matches your all-important floral colour theme that you have planned for your wedding.

Authentic Vintage

Skip straight to the point and wear something old by incorporating authentic vintage jewellery into your wedding day. Whether it’s passed down to you or it’s something you’ve held onto for years, you can combine your vintage jewellery with modern pieces for a seamless style. Pair pearls with crystals or silver to make your vintage jewellery appear right at home.

Statement Tiaras

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may have married each other in 2018, but her sparkling tiara is still inspiring brides today. Find your dream dress and match it with a statement tiara to create the perfect headpiece accessory for your upcoming wedding. Go big with a piece full of crystals or find one with pearls that you can work into your hairstyle for a boho look.

Trends are a fun way to look through all of your options for your wedding day to get all of the inspiration you need. The more jewellery trends you consider, the faster your bridal style will naturally come together. Discover the bridal jewellery you need here.

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