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June; the month of pearl

June is upon us and a new birthstone is here. Considered a timeless gem, pearls are now the popular choice for brides and fashionistas alike. Exuding sophistication, pearls are a classic stone where a cut and polish treatment isn’t required due to the beauty of their natural finish. The lustrous look of pearls complements every skin tone, with beautiful pearl necklaces or earrings being the perfect gift for a June birthday. Take a look at our selection of pearl jewellery here.

Seeing their very own renaissance this season, pearls are a traditional gem now worn by all ages in an array of colours. This versatile stone can complement a traditional bridal look or can be a fresh new jewellery box staple for contemporary styling; not forgetting that the pearl is also a stone to represent 30th Wedding Anniversaries! Whether you’re looking for an accessory to complete your formal occasion look, a meaningful June birthday gift or an everyday style staple, pearls are sure to provide an on-trend look that will last the test of time.

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Mother of Pearl

A traditional and sought after type of pearl is the semi-precious mother of pearl. Mother of pearl is a smooth shining iridescent substance forming the inner layer of the shell of some molluscs, with the organic and irregular surface allowing each stone to be unique.

Modern pearl culturing techniques have opened the door to new colours, styles and shapes of pearls, which has brought a significant appeal back to these lovely pieces of jewellery. A number of factors impacts the way a pearl will look: everything from the type of oyster, the location, and even the cleanliness of the water. While we can classify pearls into different types, each pearl has its own unique style, beauty and character making them perfectly personalised for gifting.

Coloured Pearl

A new generation of pearls means you can wear the classic stone in a variety of bold and beautiful colours. Rivalling coloured gemstones, pearls are now available in an array of stunning colours and can add that extra touch to your ensemble. Browse the Jon Richard range of coloured pearls, from pink hues to cool blues. With our wonderful selection, you will be sure to find a pearl piece to make you shine!

Getting married? Know someone who is?

Not every oyster has a pearl, and not every pearl is round — so you can imagine how long it might take to craft a perfectly matched or graduated strand of pearls. Traditionally, pearls were only available to royalty or the rich and to this day they still hold a notion of being super special (and let’s face it, pretty expensive).

In ancient cultures, pearls also represented purity, much like the present-day tradition of the white dress. Tradition also says wearing pearls on your wedding day will ensure your marriage is happy one. In fact, many brides receive their first cultured pearl necklace from their mothers or mothers-in-law and are also a popular gift from fiancés.

If you are planning on wearing pearls as a bride, what will you wear?

  1. Think about your dress neckline. A deep V-neck or a strapless Bardot can be complimented with a beautiful pearl necklace.
  2. Pearl drop earrings come in a wide variety of styles and colours. Make a statement with a chandelier drop of pearls.
  3. Add pearls to your tiara or hair comb accessory to complete your wedding day look.

What we love about pearls is their timelessness, no matter what designs they’re used in.