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Semi-Precious Stones & Their Meanings

the new range of Semi Precious jewellery from Simply Silver showing gold and silver earrings and necklaces

Introducing the new Semi-Precious collection by Simply Silver, each gemstone has been thoughtfully chosen for its colour, personality and unique healing properties. Crafted using signature 925 sterling silver and plated gold, earrings, rings and necklaces have been created to inspire and empower the wearer. Perfect for gifting, from birthdays to anniversaries, or if you’re looking to treat yourself to a jewellery box essential that is as unique as you are. Our Semi-Precious collection comes in a range of 6 stones, working well when worn on their own or worn together as part of a vibrant combination.

Rose Quartz

Semi-Precious Rose Quartz driven by its gentle pink essence enables the wearer to open their heart to love and friendship. This soft yet statement piece carries a lot of feminine energy ensuring it is the perfect, unique treat for yourself or someone special to you.

12ct Yellow Gold Plated Sterling Silver 925 Pink Rose Quartz Semi Precious Pendant
12ct Yellow Gold Plated Sterling Silver 925 Green Malachite Semi Precious Hoop Earrings


The streaked Malachite is not only bold in colour but also in power, aiding the wearer in the release of suppressed emotion and facilitating powerful insight. With transformative, protective forces and the powerful feeling of love, Malachite is the perfect Semi-Precious stone for someone who is looking for extra guidance and healing within their life.

Mother of Pearl

With its ethereal tones, white Mother of Pearl is considered to be the most calming and relaxing of all the Semi-Precious stones. It looks to enhance personal integrity and provides a strong focus for the wearer. With healing, relaxing and purity being the main effects, Mother of Pearl looks to have a positive and calming effect whatever hectic moment you find yourself in.

Sterling Silver 925 Silver Mother Of Pearl Signet Sized Ring
Sterling Silver 925 Silver Texture Edge Disc and Silver Lapis Charm Short Pendant


The Lapis stone is a beautiful dark marbled navy. The marble quality ensures each stone is slightly different in shade and tone, so your jewellery is truly unique to you. Lapis is a mental and spiritual cleanser, layered in wisdom it ensures it can rid old and negative emotions and uncover the root of your problems by invoking the truth.

White Topaz

Pure in colour and within its nature, the White Topaz stone symbolises hope, happiness and positive energy. With its clarity and positive meaning, White Topaz is the perfect stone to celebrate and remember happy occasions with loved ones.

12ct Yellow Gold Plated Sterling Silver 925 White Topaz Locket Short Pendant Necklace
Sterling Silver 925 Blue Lace Agate Semi Precious Necklace

Blue Lace Agate

With its serene pastel blue tone, the Blue Lace Agate eases the acceptance of our own sensitivity which allows the wearer to express their feelings more vividly, whilst the cooling colour ensures the wearer always has serenity about her.

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If a stones meaning has inspired you or if you want to empower someone close to you for a special occasion, our contemporary take on Semi-Precious jewellery is available to purchase in store now and online