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Love To Layer

Layering jewellery is the new trend that is sweeping the fashion industry and although it might seem effortless, it actually takes some skill and is a well thought through process. Experimenting with lengths, metals and textures can be a little overwhelming. Here are a few of our favourite necklaces to start your layering collection.

It’s also easy to get stuck in a rut with your wrists. Wearing the same bangles and bracelets day in day out can becoming boring and stale. Freshen up your style by stacking your bracelets to create a leveled effect. Stretch bracelets have become popular in their own right this season as they include sentimental trinkets and symbols which makes the stacking more personal.

Nothing says stacking like the way you can build rings. Alongside being a great way to express your style, rings can also showcase your personality. Choose from precious stones like Mother of Pearl or why not pick a pave band to give your stack a hint of sparkle.